Webinar Session: Plusone Mentoring October 8, 2013 15h30 – (CET) – Geneva Time

Date: 29 August 2013

Plusone mentoring is a programme developed and delivered by YMCA in Scotland that engages young people aged 8-14 years who are causing concern to colleagues in justice, police, education or social work and who are close to entering the criminal justice system.

As a last chance they are referred to plusone where YMCA provides them with a trained volunteer mentor based in the community who supports them over the period of at least a year to revisit their direction of travel so that they can achieve their full potential in life.

In any one community one youth worker co-ordinates 20 volunteer mentors and works together with schools and families and other partners to best support the child’s journey. The mentor engages in activities with the young person building a trusted relationship and guiding and supporting them in their choices and their opportunities.

The programme has won several national UK awards and is being replicated across Scotland. It is also being delivered by several non YMCA youth organisations. It has been externally evaluated showing that 86% of participants significantly changed their behaviour and attitudes.

The model is one that is easily transferable to other cultures with minor adaptations. YMCA Scotland have written a detailed programme manual, provide all the branding and guidance required including a busy web portal where you can access all the materials and paperwork you need to run a programme. YMCA Scotland is offering a franchise to run the programme to other YMCA movements where there is demand for an effective intervention with vulnerable young people.  

There is a large amount of evidence and evaluation available for interested YMCAs to present to their partners and funders to demonstrate that the approach works. There is a strong evidence base for the programme and partners in police, education and justice in Scotland are very enthusiastic to offer the programme to every local authority.

To sign up, contact romulo(at)ymca.int Informing name and YMCA of origin.