Advocacy : Health, Employment, Civic Engagement and Environment

What is it?

Advocacy is how we address the untold story of injustice against young people. Often these challenges are complex and varied. Our global research has identified the biggest needs in the areas of employment, health, civic engagement and the environment. The World YMCA acknowledges the importance of supporting the voice of young people to enhance our ability to empower more young people from more communities around the world.
There are global work groups for each area. We invite you to participate. These groups are involved in many different activities. For example, the Resource Group on the Environment is active in running YMCA Camp Climate at the annual COP Environment event.

Why we do it?

Through our research, we have heard the untold story of injustice against young people and the needs of our young people have in these areas. Our mission calls us to act, motivated by Christian and ecumenical identity in response to these injustice in an inclusive way.
Advocacy is designed to influence public policy and political actions at all levels of society. YMCA advocacy is focused on empowering young people in the four areas of OUR WAY strategy; employment, health, civic engagement and environment.


Advance: There are 4 global work groups, one for each of the 4 strategic advocacy areas. We invite you to join and participate in global advocacy.

Engage: Events, activities and learning experiences will take place during the whole year of 2017 including ECOSC Youth Forum and UN General Assembly in New York, World Health Assembly in Switzerland and Camp Climate/COP 23 in Bonn, Germany. Throughout the year, the 4 resource Groups hold on line meetings that are open for leaders from the movement to participate.
YMCA Camp Climate will be the held at COP 23 in Shanghai, China in November 2017. We invite you to consider sending young leaders to participate.

Unite: Continue to use the global research results to lead and influence your YMCA strategy.

Who will do what?

National and Local Levels:

National level:
1) Share broadly and work on local responses to the position papers on Health and Environment and contribute to the development of the future positions papers on Employment and Civic Engagement.
2) Recommend leaders and participate on the work of the 4 Resource Groups.

Area Levels: Area offices can support the engagement of national YMCA’s by identifying issues and participating at regional level events.

Global Level: The World YMCA is committed to providing safe supportive spaces in which dialogue and engagement on youth advocacy challenges can take place. The World YMCA movement will continue to guarantee that a youth voice is heard and understood at global events of relevance to young people.

Further information: Romulo Dantas