World YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer – Themes – 1940-2020

2020Rays of hope: creating resilient communities through practical spirituality
2019Young people transforming power structures for gender equality
2018Youth Empowerment for Good
2017Stand up, Speak up : Be the voice of the voiceless
2016Leaving no one behind
2015 Let there be Hope
2014Bold and transformative leadership
2013Be the change
2012Violence will not have the last word - Working for change that respects rights and dignity
2011 A voice to influence: Young people speaking out for rights and justice
2010 Women Creating a Safe World
2009Striving for Global Citizenship for All
2008Celebrating Human Rights
2007Children First
2006Changing lives, changing communities
2005Who counts in the eyes of God?
2004         Leading Change (“Love your enemies”, leadership – particularly by women - in difficult situations)
2003Healing and Wholeness: The Global Challenge of HIV/AIDS
2002Living with people of different faiths
2001Equal in the eyes of God. (Theme: Racism)
2000My Peace I give to you
1999Economic Justice is a human right
1998Violence against women
1997Resistance and reconciliation
1996Behold, I stand at the door and knock
1995Lord, make me an instrument of your peace
1994Called to community
1993A question of faith
1992Enough for All
1991To care for the garden of God
1990Breaking through in a world of prejudice and discrimination
1989Christ: our rock - our future
1988The chosen shall be known by their choices
1987No room at the inn
1986One body - many members
1985The truth will set you free
1983In solidarity with Christ
1982Do not lose heart
1981He is our peace
1980Go and do likewise
1979Like a child
1977and then...suddenly
1976People like us
1975High pressures zones
1974Praise be
1973Looking for something?
1972Can’t stop now
1971Come alive
1970Who, me ?
1969I was hungry
1967Come with a song
1966Blessed are the peacemakers
1965Yes, Lord
1964I send you
1963Behold the man
1962You belong together
1961Living by the power of Jesus Christ
1960God calls you
1959Make known his deeds
1958Behold, I make all things new
1957God so loved the world
1956Christians in action
1955That you may believe
1954Thine is the Kingdom
1953That is life
1952         One World
1951All power is given unto Thee
1950God our Father (Lord’s Prayer)
1949The answer
1948That they all may be one
1947Going forward in faith and in action
1946One Lord for one world
1945Let us rise up and build
1944Lift up your eyes
1943Eternal certainties
1942the enduring God
1941Learning through suffering
1940The meaning of suffering