YMCA celebrates success and impact of World Challenge 2017

Date: 14 July 2017

YMCA World Challenge 2017

We are celebrating the impact the YMCA World Challenge made in local communities everywhere this year.

All YMCAs are winners in our minds and – more importantly – so are the young people and communities we have served through these evets and activities. Basketball has been a means to an end:  a means to empowering young people.

Special ‘shout outs’ are due to these YMCAs for their efforts this year:

> Most diverse activity – YMCA Haiti and YMCA Setubal (Portugal)
> Most creative activity – YMCA Launceston  (Australia) and Metropolitan YMCA   Singapore
> The biggest activity-  YMCA Sri Lanka
> Most unique activity – YMCA Peru
> Most inspiring activity – YMCA Nepal and YMCA Kenya

Well done and thank you to every YMCA who took the opportunity to share basketball with their communities this year.

World Challenge will return again in June 2018.Watch our mini-photogallery of the winners CLICK HERE