YMCA Cookbook 2 – A second helping

Date: 06 October 2016

Your invitation to purchase the new YMCA Cookbook to support Youth Empowerment programmes

World YMCA are excited to announce a brand new cookbook ‘YMCA Around The Table 2’. This full-color hardback cookbook is full of new recipes from YMCA fans, friends and hotels from around the world.

In 2014 “YMCA Around The Table” was launched at the World Council and the first edition sold out of 2 reprints and is now a collector’s item! Proceeds from these sales have supported the Youth Empowerment programming of the World YMCA.
Be tempted by some of the tasty recipes from around the world:

•    Lentil mulligatawny soup from YMCA Bombay
•    Zucchini pancake from Palestine
•    Spare ribs with sauerkraut from Germany
•    Lancashire hotpot from England
•    Flija from Kosovo
•    Carrot & white chocolate pie with ginger from Australia
•    Gluten-free nanna chocolate chip muffins from USA
•    Salted caramel popcorn chocolate cake from Norway

Only the YMCA could prepare such a worldwide feast!
Order now!
Books are available to order now for US$30 each plus postage, or 4 copies for $100 or 10 copies for $200.
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World YMCA Secretary General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik supported purchasing the new Cookbook: “The first Cookbook was very successful. It raised close to US$30,000 for the training of our YMCA Change Agents – a fabulous result for which we thank all who bought it. That is why we now propose a second serving. Sit back, enjoy another round of table fellowship and help us fund the training of hundreds of young YMCA Change Agents!”