YMCA Europe: An integrated Approach to Youth Empowerment

Date: 18 July 2013

YMCA Europe is very well know for the Prague festival. The third one will take place this year from August 4th to 10th 2013.  While planning for this major event where 5,000 are expecting from all the continents, YMCA  Europe  emphasis is on youth Empowerment in Action throughout Europe. Many initiatives are going on with a genuine involvement of young people throughout the different phases of the programmes, from planning to the implementation, including the facilitation and the evaluation. Three main initiatives recently concluded reflects this integrated approach.

  •  Manchester, England May 6 to 12. During  YMCA Europe´s General Assembly, 45 young people took part at the 3rd YES Seminar. The initiative was designed by the “YES Group”, the YMCA Europe´s platform that focuses of increasing youth participation and leadership within the European movement. This year´s Seminar was combined with World Alliance of YMCA´s Change Agents training and the YES Board together with YMCA Europe and World Alliance Staff worked in coordination in order to develop a curriculum that would be relevant for the participants.
  • Yerevan, Armenia, June 10 to 16. The second session of the Peace Work Institute within the “Roots for Reconciliation” project gathered more than 30 young people. Roots for Reconciliation is a YMCA Europe initiative for stronger youth activism towards peaceful transformation of conflicts in Europe. Upcoming sessions will take place in Prague, Czech Republic this summer and in Strasburg, France in December. 
    >>>Facebook Page of the “Roots for Reconciliation”

  • Berlin, Germany June 28. The European Youth Policy Seminar took place. It was also planned and developed by YMCA Europe´s Youth Policy Group and gathered YMCA leaders from 15 countries. The aim of the Seminar is to get familiar with European structures for youth policy and opportunities to participate in decision making processed at European institutions like the EU and the Council of Europe.