YMCA invites Movement to consult on climate action

Date: 07 February 2020

Evidence of climate change is being felt all across the globe. Fires ravaged Australia and the Amazon at an unprecedented scale, floods destroyed homes in West Africa and parts of Europe, new temperature records are being hit and so much more. Young people and our leaders spoke passionately at YMCA175 about making climate action a priority going forward and World YMCA is eager to answer that call.

As such, World YMCA will begin a collaborative process over the next two years, engaging internal and external stakeholders. World YMCA will start by designing a Climate Position Paper on behalf of the Movement, which is intended to develope into a full-fledged Policy Paper, and a call to join the Community of Impact on Climate Change is upcoming. The main keywords of this process will be collaboration, co-creation, solutions-focused, and community added-value.

For this journey World YMCA needs support and active engagement from its National and Local Movements. The first step to get involved is the online YMCA Global Climate Consultation. This consultation will help World YMCA gather important data that will make its position more relevant and connected with the grassroots reality.

If you have any questions on the consultation or the statement please contact Răzvan-Victor Sassu via email at razvan@ymca.int.

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