YMCA Peace Day 2016 – from Hong Kong

Date: 11 January 2017

Sowed good deeds and set Guinness World Record in Hong Kong

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is devoted in serving the local and global communities for the past 115 years, with dedication in bringing people together and advocate for a culture of peace. Since 2007, the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong has been running “A Culture of Peace” Campaign in engaging the general public in Hong Kong with different activities and events, to promote a harmonious society and a culture of respect and understandings. This is also in solidarity support to the World Alliance of YMCAs’ annual Peace Day initiative.

On 20 November this year, the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong organized the “Step Up For Love Charity Hunt” event as part of the campaign. Over 500 YMCA members went on a charity orienteering mission across different districts in Hong Kong to complete four different tasks with the aim in discovering the unique charm of the city which people often overlook in their daily lives. Each group of participant had to conduct an act of service as part of their orienteering requirements; together with the funds raised by the participants and the donation made by the Y’s Men International Hong Kong District. This event has raised approximately USD$8,500 in support for providing hot meals for the underprivileged elderly people in Hong Kong.

At the finishing point of the event, all participants gathered outside the Bridges Street Centre which is one of the heritage buildings in Hong Kong built in 1918 and the oldest service unit of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. The collective efforts made by 528 YMCA members successfully set a new Guinness World Record for the “most people making hand shape dove gesture”. It is a signified gesture and message of peace expressed by Hong Kong people on the YMCA Peace Day 2016.  

“A Culture of Peace” Campaign is moving forward to the first decade of action and advocacy, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong will continue its commitment in educating peace and raising the public awareness on the importance of social stability and contemplate on “a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace”. (James 3:18)

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