YMCA support for APAY (Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs) Myanmar Appeal

Date: 19 August 2015

YMCA stands in full support for our friends at Hakha YMCA who have suffered as a result of monsoon storms.

These storms, unprecedented in the Chin district, have caused massive landslides and floods, with many houses and buildings collapsing. 10,000 people are now flood affected and have had to evacuate their houses and seek temporary shelters. Roads and transportation are destroyed or closed.

YMCA APAY is coordinating an Appeal to support the immediate crisis needs and rebuilding efforts of the Hakha YMCA. An appeal is being prepared now and will be launched shortly for donations and assistance.

Hakha is in the Chin State of Myanmar.

We remain prayerful and supportive of all their relief and rebuilding efforts.