YMCA Vision 2030: From ignition to implementation and beyond 

Date: 22 November 2022

A first look at a new practical guide to activating Vision 2030 in YMCAs worldwide

This summer at the 20th World Council in Aarhus, Denmark, the global YMCA Movement made history by adopting YMCA Vision 2030. As the first-ever YMCA collective global strategy, Vision 2030 provides the path toward internal YMCA transformation, community empowerment and global advocacy. Building on months of work since World Council, we are now releasing the YMCA Vision 2030 Practical Guide for YMCAs. 

Following the adoption, work now begins in two key phases: 

  • Activation: YMCAs at all levels decide how they adapt to YMCA Vision 2030 and then reflect this in their strategies.
  • Implementation: YMCAs work towards achieving the Vision 2030 Goals and measure their progress, collect impact data and share their stories.

To support National and Local YMCAs in both phases, we have launched a new Practical Guide, which incorporates the outcomes from the World Council Co-Labs and the small strategy and planning group which met in Leysin, Switzerland, in September. It also

reflects the strategic inputs of the World YMCA Executive Committee, which endorsed the plan in late October.

“This document is a crucial next step in our collective Vision 2030 journey”, said World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee.  “I am greatly heartened by how YMCAs worldwide are engaging with Vision 2030”. 

YMCAs are already incorporating Vision 2030 into their strategies. At its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held 18-19 November 2022, for example, YMCA Ireland adopted its 2022 Strategic Plans aligned to Vision 2030.

Four pillars, 12 strategic goals

Vision 2030 focuses on four thematic areas: Community Wellbeing, Meaningful
Work, a Sustainable Planet and a Just World. The 12 goals emerge from there, with three per pillar, as we pursue: 

  1. Internal YMCA transformation: We must “practise what we preach”, ensuring the YMCA becomes a champion of all four Pillars. 
  2. Community Empowerment: A strong YMCA can empower young people and communities based on local needs around the four Pillars.
  3. Global Advocacy: YMCAs worldwide champion the voices of young people and communities at all levels.
    YMCA Ireland annual meeting.
    At its AGM held 18-19 November 2022, YMCA Ireland adopted its 2022 Strategic Plans aligned to Vision 2030.

    How to activate Vision 2030

The Practical Guide explains three steps YMCAs can take to begin.

  1. Explore and analyse Vision 2030 in your wider team, ensuring that there is broad support and motivation.
  2. Decide what you want to take from Vision 2030 for your own YMCA: Vision, Mission, Pillars and Goals. Choose what Pillars and Goals you want to focus on.
  3. Integrate your choices in your own YMCA strategy and action plan to reflect your YMCA’s alignment to Vision 2030.

Next steps

As YMCAs begin to review the guide and start planning, look out for the following later this year:

  • Translations: Now available in English, the guide will soon be available in French and Spanish. 
  • Questionnaire: To map National Movements’ progress in adopting Vision 2030, we will soon send questionnaires. 
  • March 2023: At the YMCA National General Secretaries Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado, USA on 26-30 March 2023, we will present a full Vision 2030 action plan and discuss National Movements’ experiences in making Vision 2030 a practical reality.
  • Case Studies: Look out for information to come soon on how YMCAs are beginning to implement their plan. 

“The guide is designed to empower individual YMCA National Movements to take their next steps in aligning with and implementing Vision 2030”, Carlos said. “I hope it can inspire and encourage you. This is a collective effort to create the YMCA Movement and the world that we want to see. None of us is alone in this great enterprise”.