YMCA World Challenge 2014

Date: 20 September 2013

A celebration like none the world had ever seen.

You can find below this letter in pdf format in: Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic:
> Letter on the YMCA World Challenge in :
   English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic

The World Alliance of YMCAs is delighted to send you more information about the YMCA World Challenge 2014 after the first announcement last June.

Once again, we will demonstrate the relevance of the YMCA to itself and to the World as part of the NEW WAY strategic plan and its emphasis on Youth Empowerment.

Following the success of the last edition, we want now to move a step further doing it bigger and better.

This is an invitation for millions people to get involved and have fun, whilst helping the YMCA to send a strong message of unity and impact to the world and its leaders by making visible the mobilization power that we have as a social movement.

The challenge in 2014 is to invite our communities to join a worldwide YMCA Celebration of our activities with focus on youth empowerment and, at the same time, give strength to a global statement that will support young people to be heard in their concerns at all levels.

How are we going to do that?

By collecting signatures in support of an important, yet simple, statement!

The challenge will take place in a very special moment to our movement as in 2014 we celebrate 170 years of existence, we have a World Council and we will be in the midst of implementing the One Million Voices Research. In fact, the YMCA World Challenge will be the perfect way to prepare the arena for the launch of the results of our collective research effort in 2015.

The Goals of the World YMCA Challenge are:

•    To celebrate the daily life changing impact of the YMCA in local communities
      and our role in empowering/developing people;

•    For the movement to learn how to better use its collective potential;

•    To influence ongoing local, national and global processes of policy
      development and for it to take into account the need of listening to young

•    To raise awareness and visibility of the YMCA worldwide;

•    To fundraise collectively and support our work at all levels and its change


The YMCA World Challenge 2014 is a great opportunity for your YMCA to develop public relations activities with the local media and your community.

Why get involved?

•    You can profile your YMCA as a lively and international youth organization;

•    You can promote your YMCAs as part of a world family that, together, will
      work to establish a massive mobilization of people;

•    You can invite potential new members/participants to take part in the

•    You can invite community leaders, government representatives, and famous
      personalities and develop new relationships

Please study the materials in pdf version below.

We kindly ask you to confirm if your national movement is on board and indicate the focal person for us to liaise with by October 10th.
Please send your e-mail to : challenge@ymca.int

Warm greetings,

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General

Romulo Dantas
Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment and Communications

Please find below this letter in different languages, a Welcome Guide to the YMCA World Challenge 2014 and an Event Orientation Guide, all these documents are in pdf format:

> Letter on the YMCA World Challenge in :
   English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic

> YMCA World Challenge – Welcome Guide

> YMCA World Challenge – Event Orientation Guide