YMCA World Challenge 2016 – Introduction Guide

Date: 29 February 2016

We are delighted to launch this year’s YMCA World Challenge – and sincerely hope you join in the fun of sharing how great your YMCA is!

Here is the new video, with subtitle in English, French, Spanish

Below you will find the introduction guide to explain the Challenge and everything required.

This Guide is for sharing with many within your YMCA so they can understand why we do the YMCA World Challenge, what this year’s Challenge is, and some helpful hints to get you started.

The YMCA World Challenge remains an important part of OUR WAY Strategy and building our goal of image and impact. It directly links to the findings of the YMCA One Million Voices Research programme and sets about deepening our thinking about how we best empower more and more young people. We’ve been delighted to have the involvement of our YMCA Change Agents in helping to develop this concept so we can really listen to young people and help give more of them a voice.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and how you go about getting involve to give many young people a voice.
Let’s go!

Warm regards,

Johan Vilhelm Elvtik, Secretary General

You can download the Introduction Guide here – click here