YMCA World Challenge 2016

Date: 10 June 2016


We are so thrilled with the amazing impact we are seeing from the 2016 World Challenge.

So many YMCAs have really thought deeply about what it means to “give young people a voice” and they have demonstrated and shared that message widely … and loudly!
This is so good for empowering young people.
It’s much easier to shoot hoops or just be a place for fun, but this time we were all challenged to think deeply and act about sharing what is most important for young people:  having a voice.
This responds to what we heard from our YMCA One Million Voices Research and it helps demonstrated the impact we are having everywhere.
There are still many more stories to be shared!
Keep following our Facebook page and keep posting #giveavoiceYMCA.
Well done YMCAs everywhere and THANK YOU for caring and sharing by giving your young people a voice.You can watch the videos and photos on our Facebook Page click here