YMCA World Challenge – Message from the President and the Secretary General

Date: 03 October 2012

We are approaching one of the milestones of the NEW WAY Strategic Plan – The YMCA World Challenge.

I want to use this message to thank all of you for your leadership and good work on the preparations of this world event.  74 countries have confirmed their participation and we  believe this number will still grow in the next days.  We encourage all of you to motivate more YMCAs to organize small events even if they are very simple events.    They will all make a difference to the final result!  There is still time!

We have been amazed that so many messages, pictures, videos and posters have been sent to our office in the past days and we are also celebrating a huge increase in the number of people interacting with the World Alliance on Facebook, we have grown from 1500 to more than 11000 in a few weeks.

Whether or not we reach the target of 5 million participants on October 13th , it will not be the most important thing.  What we really care about is reducing the distance between local, national and international YMCA realities and  increasing the understanding and perception of our people and our stakeholders, that we are a global family working every day to empower young people and to transform our communities.

For this reason we can already state that this mobilisation is a success.  A success that would not be possible without a great effort from your side.  We are the YMCA team and we are moving forward!

On a practical note, I kindly request you to motivate your national/ local associations to register the planned events on our challenge website.  We need  every location where an event will take place to register with us.  This is fundamental to enable us assess results and to ignite the counting process for the record attempt. http://challenge.ymca.int

Send pictures to Y-PHOTO, suggest songs for Y-MIX.   These and other fun features you can find in the YMCA World Challenge website.  We strongly urge you to promote these interactive tools.

If you are able, please increase your advertisements about this event on special spots on your websites and link it with http://challenge.ymca.int it will boost even more the initiative.

May God bless all of us for this big endeavor.

Ken Colloton , President
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General