YMCA World Council Information Webinar for all in person participants

Date: 15 June 2022

The webinar on 14 June for all in-person attendees at YMCA World Council began with participants greeting one another from around the world. From Hong Kong to Aruba, Australia to the United Kingdom, attendees sent well-wishes to fellow participants and expressed their eagerness to reconnect in person. 

For those attending the 20th World Council, 3-9 July in Aarhus, Denmark, the webinar provided detailed information on three key areas: purpose, programme and practical matters. 

World YMCA secretary-general Carlos Sanvee and president Patricia Pelton welcomed the more than 175 webinar attendees. With about 1,000 in-person attendees registered and another 1,000 for the online programme, the 20th World Council is set to be the largest ever. 

World Council, said Carlos Sanvee, serves three main purposes:

  •             Conducting World Alliance business
  •             Advancing the Mission of the global YMCA through Vision 2030
  •             Re-uniting the global YMCA


Dr Annette Daly, Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA Worcestershire, is most looking forward to that opportunity to come together in person. 

I love networking and meeting people, and I’m most looking forward to finding out more about this wonderful YMCA organisation and having the sense of playing some small part in a huge impactful movement,” she said. Referencing her background in music, she added, “I imagine it might be a little bit like being one instrument out of a massive orchestra but being part of an amazing sound.”

The webinar covered the details of the in-person programme, including:

World Council host YMCA Denmark has been hard at work preparing a warm welcome. 

“We have been looking forward the past four years to welcoming the world to World Council,” said Christine Ravn Lund of YMCA/YWCA Denmark. “We are looking to bring the YMCA family together after two years of Covid.” Visit their World Council site here. 

Finally, the webinar covered the practical details, such as on-site registration, travel arrangements and parking. Other questions:

  • Dress code: Although some people opt to dress up for opening or closing ceremonies, there is no official dress code; think casual/comfortable.
  • Temperature: Plan for average highs of 68°F/20°C to  77°/F25°C and lows of 56°F /13°C; bring waterproof outerwear.
  • WiFi – Our venue, the Concert Hall/Musikhuset, has secure WiFi.

Look for additional resources coming soon, including an all-inclusive Guidebook and the World Council app. Another webinar for online programme participants is scheduled for 21 June, with a recording available soon after.

Leading up to and during World Council, use the hashtag #YMCAignite2022 on social media, and let the world know you will be here!