#YMCA2044: building our vision for the future

Date: 01 July 2019

World YMCA is collaborating with Forum for the Future to engage both young and senior leaders in possible futures, to examine the different roles YMCA might play in empowering young people to build thriving communities.

World YMCA will use this information to shape our 2044 Vision, the year of our 200th anniversary, defining a direction and establish strategic priorities for the global YMCA Movement.

As part of this, on Monday 1 July, we are launching a two-month global digital conversation to ask young people directly what futures they envision for their communities, and what tools, skills and support can empower them to play active roles in thriving futures.

The insights we gather will inform two live events in London in August, where people of all ages will explore the future for youth and communities, and ask what role organisations can play.

We ask you now to join us in driving this significant conversation to shape the future of communities, and put young people at their heart:

* Follow and use the hashtags #youthforchange and #YMCA2044 on Instagram and Twitter

* Follow @FuturesCentre on Twitter and @forumforthefuture on Instagram and Facebook and retweet/share related content with your followers to help us get as many insights as possible

* Share your thoughts on what youth empowerment means in practice on our website*, write us a message on Facebook**.

It’s very important we get maximum reach with this so if you could forward this call to action to your national comms leads it would be greatly appreciated.

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