YMCA Data Community Initiative

Welcome to the YMCA Data Community – Access granted to all National movements

This space is my space, your space, our space. Let’s grow together.

Goals and Vision – YMCA Data Community Initiative
To have a secure, protected, central and on-line YMCA Data platform accessible to YMCA around the world.
To have core information on Area, Region, National, Local YMCA updated on a regular basis directly UPDATED by YOU

Each YMCA has editors rights on its organisation.

This platform will allow you to:

– Map your organization
– Map your on-line presence (websites, social media blogs)
– Map your key contacts, staff and experts
– Describe some of your key programmes.

Reports and measure the impact of YMCA in your country
– Create a dynamic between YMCA around the world, to share, to care, to network
– To show and to be showed

YMCA Data community initiative platform
in case of trouble please contact:

Access to the platform


Ressources and tutorial:

YMCA DATA Community Initiative – Tutorial –  Mapping Org and Contacts

7 minutes 14 seconds

YMCA DATA Community Initiative – Tuto – Institutional Dataset and Programmes
Institutional Dataset – Tutorial

4 minutes 17 seconds


For the newcomer, context and quick overview of this initiative