Young Change Agents from Europe meet in Switzerland

Date: 09 June 2015

From 10 to 14 June 2015, young leaders from across Europe will meet together for an intensive training for youth workers focusing on leadership, advocacy and mobilization skills. This will address the most pressuring social issues affecting young people in Europe today. The training will offer participants the chance to extend their own networks, as well as sharing best practices on youth work through structured dialogue and leadership challenges. The empowering outcomes of this event will build capacity in the sending organisations.

35 participants from 17 countries will spend 4 days camping in Zurich Region. The interesting methodology chosen for this event is not common, as the participants will be in a training environment, which is not standard for this kind of activity. They will be camping and hiking between 15-20 km a day and sharing knowledge.

This is only possible because the YMCA (CEVI) in Switzerland has vast experience in scouting and camping and is providing all technical assistance needed for such an initiative to be possible and safe for the youth participants.

This training initiative is part of a larger project called “Change Agents”;  a two-year global leadership development project for young people involving 150 young leaders from 63 countries all over the word.

The training-taking place in Switzerland in the next days is funded and supported by the CH foundation.


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Romulo Dantas