Young people are ready for the Global Youth Conference – Osaka YMCA – Japan

Date: 24 June 2016

Whilst world leaders often come together to discuss solutions to global issues, the views of young people are not necessarily heard.

But what if there was a platform for them to debate and find solutions themselves?

Osaka YMCA is doing just that with their second annual Global Youth Conference (GYC), which will run from 7 – 11 July this year.
The five day event will be attended by young people from around the world, providing a mix of serious debate and problem solving, coupled with cultural immersion experiences.

This year, participants will debate the refugee crisis, media rights, and online privacy – and agree on solutions which are representative of young people worldwide.

With a focus on developing social enterprise, participants will leave the GYC with the skills they need to become local leaders on a global scale – and turn their ideas for change into reality.

Dominic Pangrazio, Associate Director of the Osaka YMCA Global Department, said there will be a wide array of nationalities attending the GYC.
“We have participants from Japan, America, Australia, as well as around Asia,” he said.

“The GYC is open to all young people who are passionate about creating a better world and want become global citizens – but may not know how.”
Not only is the GYC a forum for young people to participate – it is also run by young people.

The planning of cultural experiences, debate topics, and extra activities, are arranged by the Osaka YMCA Global Youth Committee – a group of 20 high school and university students from YMCA run schools.

The debates and workshops are then put together by 10 young facilitators from global YMCA networks.

Penny Coulson, YMCA Victoria staff member and lead facilitator, is excited to see what comes out of the workshops.

“I can’t wait for the debate to start and finding out what young people care about most on these topics,” she said.

“It will be a great experience, and I’m sure there will be some amazing ideas come out of the GYC.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the GYC, or would like to participate in future years, please get in touch with the Osaka YMCA Global Department at: