Youth Organisations (ICMYO) starts preparations for this year’s annual meeting in New York City!

Date: 04 June 2013

On the weekend of 17th-19th May, the ICMYO Task Force met in Geneva at the international office of the World Alliance of YMCAs to coordinate the preparations for this year’s ICMYO Annual meeting.

After a process of consultation and discussion, which included surveying ICMYO’s participating organizations with different options, the Task Force agreed that this year’s annual meeting would take place in New York City around the last days of September, close to the UN General Assembly’s Special Event on MDG progress and UN’s third Committee by the beginning of October, which will have a special focus on youth.

This face-to-face meeting of the Task Force focused primarily on organizing and distributing the work for the upcoming months in order to have a successful Annual meeting. Also on the agenda was: evaluation of the current work, internal and external communication of the network, the UN post-2015 process, and the World Youth Conference 2014.

The Task Force also took the opportunity to start and facilitate a deep reflection on the future of ICMYO. All ICMYO organizations will be expected to contribute to this reflection and consultation process in the upcoming months.

Start preparing your agendas! ICMYO 2013 Annual meeting is coming up!

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