Youth Voices: A Future Without Racism Panel

On 27 June 2020, our 90-minute online event will feature a panel discussion about understanding racism, bias and privilege, with panel speakers sharing experiences, guided by a moderator; plus a Call to Action to help us understand how we can make a stand for justice. A virtual café will follow, so that everyone can connect with the panel speakers and carry on the conversation.

We welcome to our event Panel Moderator Senait Brown, Call to Action Presenter Tomás Ramírez and Virtual Café host Einstein Ntim. They will be joined by 4 panel speakers from across the world.

Panel Moderator

Senait Brown

Senait is an anti-racist organiser, educator and curator of black power and pleasure spaces who is active in the movement for black liberation. She has served as founder and co-chair of multiple organisations/collectives including, BlackOut Washington, Black Community Impact Alliance, (the group formerly known as) Youth Undoing Institutional Racism, Ending the Prison Industrial Complex and the No New Youth Jail Campaign.

Currently, Senait resides in Chicago, United States, and organises nationally as a Core Trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. She also works as a consultant with a focus on black power movement building, transformative organisational development and combatting systemic anti-black racism. She holds leadership positions with the People’s Youth Agenda, the Black Power Epicenter Cooperative, and Nurturing Roots Farm.

Call to Action Presenter

Tomás Ramírez

Tomás is the Executive Director of Semillas y Raices (seeds and roots), a non-for-profit organisation focused on cultural preservation, community healing and youth development. Tomás is a Youth Counsellor, Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation Facilitator, as well as a Cultural Sensitivity Trainer. He regularly lectures on critical pedagogy and popular education, gang culture and gang mediation. He is of Chichimeca ancestry and is a member of various indigenous organisations in the Chicago area, United States. Tomás serves as a minister for the Native American Church of the four directions lodge. He currently teaches courses at DePaul University’s Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies.

Virtual Café Host

Einstein Ntim

Einstein is passionate about bridging the tech divide and inequality across emerging communities. He is CEO of the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)- pioneering the first online accelerator model, with the largest online accelerator for startups. GSE has the fastest growing community of tech moguls and governance leaders and curates the largest tech summit series globally; such as AI, Blockchain, & Space Tech Summits, Ghana, Haiti Tech Summits, Africa Future Summit, and the largest innovation tour in Africa.
Einstein is a Partner at the Africa Future Fund, a $20million fund investing in tech initiatives across Africa and Diaspora that leverages advanced technologies to leapfrog ‘Africa’s Future’.

Panel speakers

Sidney Edwards, USA

Sidney is the Senior Program Director at the Manchester Family YMCA with the YMCA of Greater Richmond (YGR). Sheoversees multi-departmental operations and focuses on community engagement to ensure the YMCA is fulfilling the mission to actually be a space where all are welcome. Sidney received recognition for the first 30 Under 30 award granted by the Emerging Leaders Resource Network (ERLN) through Y-USA, graduated in cohort three of the Emerging Global Leaders Institute (EGLI) through Y-USA, was selected as a Co-Chair for the 2020 National EMLE, serves on the YGR Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Drive Team and was most recently appointed as a Co-Chair for the newly formed YGR Anti-Racism Taskforce. Sidney is married to the love of her life, Josh, and celebrates the brief life of their angel baby, Cientriel.

 Jean Belony Fortune, Haiti

Jean is a student in Modern Language and a young leader of the YMCA d’Haiti. He is a leadership trainer and enjoys using his skills to contribute to the development of his community. Jean earned a certificate for participating in the YGOR (Youth in Governance Roles/ Yovenes en Roles de Gobernanza) classes, edition 2019-2020, organised by the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCAs (LACA) in its regional training program.

While in school, Jean was selected to take part in the Youth Ambassadors Program of 2012 to represent Haiti in the USA for his exemplary academic performance and leadership skills.

Mongadi Makhetha, South Africa

Mongadi (Mo) is a social entrepreneur and blogger, and a Young Advocate for Change Alumni, S2C Ambassador and Change Agent. He is a pan-africanist, and an advocate for the African Renaissance! Mo is currently serving as a Chairperson of the Y-Glocal international Project Group with Cameroon YMCA and Denmark YMCA and YWCA, which is focused on Addressing Global Challenges through local actions and platforms.

He is also the national youth representative for SAYMCA and was on the organising committee for the 2019 Africa Alliance 11th General Assembly. Mo is an aspiring writer, explorer, philanthropist and social innovator.

Elise Knutsen, Norway


Elise is 22 years old passionate human rights activist that has been active with the YWCA-YMCA for more than 13 years. Thorough her involvement with YGlobal Norway she has been working on several social justice issues. She has been part of the African Alliance program Young Advocates for Change, and was a Change Agent with the World YMCA as part of the 3rd cohort.