YMCA Bulgaria

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 

1889-1942; 1991

YMCA Bulgaria was established in 1889. In 1918, YMCA Buglaria was admitted to the World Alliance of YMCAs. By 1929, there were two full YMCAs in Sofia and Samokov, a YMCA sea camp near Varna, and a Bulgarian Farmer Boys agriculture training programme. However, due to the Second World War, the operation of the organization was terminated in 1942. After nearly 50 years, YMCA Bulgaria was revived consisting of six local YMCAs in Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Russe, Dobrich, Razgrad and Sofia. Each local YMCA offers several programmes, support for youth projects, consulting and training services, leisure programmes, and assistance to refugees. YMCA Plovdiv offers youth courses in areas such as programming within HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, language courses in German and English, as well as mathematics for 7th graders.