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Thank you for your support for our work to empower young people and to empower national YMCA Movements all around the world.

We receive annual membership fees from our members, Partnership funds, and donations from companies, organisations and individuals. But the scope of our activity is huge: it’s about supporting us in the World YMCA – and supporting YMCA National Movements directly – as we strive to reach the Goals of YMCA Vision 2030. We seek your support!

YMCA Solidarity Fund

Since 2020, the global YMCA Movement has raised over USD 1.2 million to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. 20 out of 24 YMCAs are still active in Ukraine, and they supported over 120,000 people in 2022. Projects have also been launched to support Ukrainian refugees in over 20 countries in Europe.


USD 400,000 invested in youth-led solutions climate action projects led to the creation of 35 youth-led teams who designed and implemented 'grassroots' climate action projects in their local communities in 20 countries, which impacted some 300,000+ people.


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