Beirut Explosion – Response and Recovery

World YMCA
Emergency Fundraising Appeal

The global YMCA family is standing in support of the Lebanon YMCA and all those affected by the immense and deadly explosion that rocked Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August 2020.

A fundraising appeal is now open. Donations can be made to support the Lebanon YMCA. The funds raised will support the relief and rehabilitation work done by Lebanon YMCA. You can donate online.

Beirut Appeal

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Donation Total: $25.00

You can also donate to the World Alliance of YMCAs via bank transfer or cheque using these details:

World Alliance of YMCAs
1, Chemin de Mouille Galland,
1214 Vernier
Switzerland Bank: UBS SA,
PO Box 2600, 1211 Geneva 2,
Account number: 0240-617775.10L
IBAN Code: CH780024024061777510 L

We thank you for your solidarity and support. Read the article about the explosion.

YMCA Solidarity Fund

Our YMCAs are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World YMCA has launched a global YMCA Solidarity Fund to support the YMCA National Movements which are struggling, offering institutional grants of up to $20.000.

The grants will help build the resilience of YMCAs around the world and most importantly, will save jobs for those at risk of being laid off or furloughed because of the pandemic. We need your support!


YMCA Solidarity Fund

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Donation Total: $25.00

Secours Spéciaux

Providing financial support to YMCA staff and dependants in crisis situations.

The SS Fund was created to provide support to present or former YMCA staff, or their direct dependants, who face severe personal hardship.  Volunteer leaders may also be considered for such support provided their needs conform to the spirit of the fund.

Every day, political unrest, conflict and natural disaster destroy the livelihoods, homes and communities of people all over the world.  In these situations, present or former YMCA staff and their families might be in need of urgent support to meet their everyday needs, or in extreme cases to flee to safety.

In many areas of the world where the YMCA is active, basic retirement provision or medical insurance is not a right for those who have spent many years, or indeed their lives committed to the movement.  In such cases, former YMCA staff may find themselves in need, without sufficient, if any, income, due to retirement or illness.  The aim of the fund is also to assist staff in these crisis situations.

Why  help?

Inequality around the world is not diminishing.  There are still many countries in which the YMCA operates where there is virtually no retirement and or medical provision. Similarly, the devastation caused by armed conflict, political upheaval and natural disaster is widespread, and affects many of the communities in which the YMCA is active.

Thus, it becomes an obligation for the rest of the world-wide family of the YMCA Movement to ensure that our colleagues in less fortunate circumstances have the means to overcome crisis situations.

Inequality around the world is not diminishing.

Secours Speciaux

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Donation Total: $25.00

Undesignated Donation

Non-Designated Donations

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