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Support YMCA Ukraine

On Thursday 24 February 2022, Ukraine came under fire.  YMCAs in the country itself (in Kyiv and 25 other locations) and in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, are now in urgent need of funding to help those living with or feeling from violence. Our staff and volunteers are providing shelter and urgent support to those in need.

Please help by giving to the fundraising effort being led by our friends and colleagues in YMCA Europe.  As we start to estimate the full costs of the damage – physical, emotional, and ‘structural’, to peace in Europe and the world – we will work to repair that damage in the short, medium and long term.

We will regularly update our website and social media communications with stories about how YMCAs in Ukraine, in Europe and around the world are working for peace.

General donations

Your donation will be added to our core budget which covers our work in youth empowerment, Movement strengthening, advocacy and partnership, resource mobilisation, and communications.

Support YMCA Haiti

On Saturday 16 August 2021, a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, killing more than 1400 people and damaging mostly the south of the country.

YMCA Gaza Appeal

On Sunday 16 May 2021, an air raid demolished a building adjacent to the YMCA Gaza’s facilities, causing extensive and direct damage to the building and to the entire surrounding area. We intend to raise $20,000+ in support of the rebuilding efforts of YMCA Gaza.

The Youth Led Solutions Initiative

The Youth-Led Solutions Initiative (YLSI) is the future – for YMCA, and for the world. It allows young people to learn, debate and then put forward solutions to tackle the greatest societal challenges facing young people today.  It needs your help!

YMCA Solidarity Fund

The World YMCA has launched a global YMCA Solidarity Fund to support the YMCA National Movements struggling in the face of COVID-19, offering institutional grants of up to $20,000.

a big crowd protesting in Myanmar

Photo Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs

YMCA Myanmar Solidarity Fund

YMCA Myanmar has been severely affected by the military coup of 1 February, which has seen hundreds of people killed by the military, and thousands arrested.  A number of its own staff have been detained for being part of the 2019 democratic  elections, and a number of its volunteers have been arrested at peaceful protests.