YMCA opens in Antarctica

YMCA opens in Antarctica – On the left Norberto Rodriguez, YMCA General Secretary (Argentina)

Argentina YMCA has officially opened a new YMCA. Here is the report from YMCA General Secretary, Norberto Rodríguez:

As part of their strategy of supporting Argentine efforts in Antarctica, and as part of the recently signed cooperation agreement with the head of the General State Major of the Argentina Air Force, myself and the executive of the Administration, Finance and RR. HH. department, Eduardo Rodríguez, travelled to the Marambio Base from 7th to 9th November.

Many activities occurred during the event, including boarding the portentous Hercules C 130 and participating in an emotional event – the annual change of personnel of the base – with the presence of the Air Force authorities. The YMCA received an excellent welcome. With the decision taken, the Argentina YMCA fulfils its mission of promoting values in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet by being close to those who make it their homeland. For the YMCA these are the first steps in Antarctica, and there may be others.

The equipment for the 60 m2 YMCA gym that will run in the central core of Marambio is already acquired. Links have also been made with the new head of the base and the doctor in charge of the 2017/2018 campaign: Mission 48.

Erika Tysoe-Dülken passes

Erika Tysoe-Dülken during a World YMCA Staff Meeting in Leysin, 1976
Erika Tysoe-Dülken during a World YMCA Staff Meeting in Leysin, 1976

World YMCA is saddened to hear of the recent passing of long serving staff member Erika Tysoe-Dulken.

Erika worked for the World Alliance of YMCAs for 28 years and was a pioneer and ambassador for Youth Empowerment.

Born in Germany she began with the WAY in 1962 with her first projects in international travel and youth exchange programmes through which hundreds of young people became aware of the international character of the YMCA and developed a sense of being part of a global family. Later she led important work to promote the status of women and the Communications services.

Always a great servant of the YMCA movement and a devoted Christian, after her retirement in 1990 she returned to Germany with her husband John.

Our thoughts and prayers for Erika; 6 July 1928 – 28 October 2017.