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Join us in honouring our past, shaping our future Celebrating 180 years of the worldwide YMCA Movement, born in 1844

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13 June 2024

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12 June 2024

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06 June 2024

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Vision 2030 was adopted at the 20th World Council, in Aarhus, Denmark, in July 2022

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Worldwide, our community has adopted one mission:

To empower young people and communities worldwide to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world, where every person can thrive in body, mind and spirit.

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There are 1.2 billion young people in the world aged 15-24

This is how we support them, and their communities:

Community Wellbeing

We nurture young people in body, mind and spirit.

Community Wellbeing
Community Wellbeing
This matters because...

1 in 7

young people aged 5-19 worldwide experience a mental health disorder


Meaningful Work

We support worthwhile jobs and sustainable livelihoods.

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Meaningful Work
This matters because...

264 million

young people aged 15-24 are not in education, employment or training (two-thirds are girls and women)


Sustainable Planet

We channel young people's commitment to climate justice and sustainability

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Sustainable Planet
This matters because...

1 billion

children and young people worldwide are at ‘very high risk’ of the impacts of the climate crisis


Just World

Young people demand justice. We amplify youth voices and actions in communities.

Just World
This matters because...

400 million

children worldwide face discrimination because of their ethnicity or religion

Save the Children

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09 April 2024

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Norris Pritam: A YMCA story of sports and inspiration

01 February 2024

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Campaign for microplastic reduction

18 January 2024

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University YMCA in Seoul: Climate action

20 December 2023

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