Accelerating our work on Community Wellbeing, Meaningful Work, Sustainable Planet and a Just World

The worldwide YMCA Movement has a vision with 12 Goals called YMCA Vision 2030. It contributes to realising a wider global vision with 17 Goals: the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

The worldwide work of YMCA Vision 2030 has four Pillars of Impact: Community Wellbeing, Meaningful Work, Sustainable Planet and Just World.

These are the issues chosen by young people as their areas of greatest concern, where they want to make the biggest impact. They are the issues on which we work with like-minded partners all over the world.

“Two years since we adopted Vision 2030 and set out on this collective journey, the Accelerator Summit in Mombasa, Kenya in October 2024 is our first chance as a global Movement to meet in person, with our partners, to advance our work together.

Our goal is to accelerate and multiply the work we’re doing across the four Pillars, and increase our collective efforts to improve lives and outcomes for young people and communities around the world.

I urge you to be part of this incredible opportunity to see global impact up close, and to take it the next level. The Summit is not just an event. It’s a major moment in our Movement’s progress towards being the global youth empowerment partner of choice.”

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General

3 very good reasons to attend the Summit

"The YMCA Mombasa Accelerator Summit is not just an event - it's a major moment in our Movement.”
Watch Carlos Sanvee's video for 3 very good reasons to attend the Summit

Watch the video here

Attendees will include:

• a range of YMCA leaders from National General Secretaries, to strategic and emerging leaders, to YMCA Change Agents, and more ...

• a range of partners including regional and multilateral agencies, private sector organisations, foundations, academic institutions, youth organisations, civil society representatives and NGOs.

The ambition of the Summit is to provide an opportunity to gather the resources and expertise of a host of local, national, and global YMCA partners, bringing together the best of our research, investment, programme delivery and impact measurement.

The objectives of the Summit are:

• to advance the working agendas and priorities of existing partner groups focused on the four Pillars of YMCA Vision 2030.

• to foster working partnerships uniting complementary strengths and skills to enhance the work we do at the community, national and regional levels.

• to inspire delegates by sharing innovations and youth led solutions that can be scaled up and replicated

• to equip delegates with new tools and futurist thinking to attract investment towards projects and initiatives that accelerate impact led change.

The five days of the Summit will provide a global platform where delegates will ...

... learn how futurist thinking, research and impact measurement can advance new and shared initiatives across the four Pillars of YMCA Vision 2030.

... hear from young people about the impact of their projects, leading community led solutions around the world.

... build strong networks within the Movement and partnerships outside it

... showcase their own innovation and learning through panel discussions, workshops, small learning groups and the 'Partnership Marketplace'.

... go on ‘experiential visits’ to YMCA and others’ projects around Mombasa, to understand the urgency of advancing the Pillars, seen through the lens of Kenya and Africa.

What is Vision 2030? Global good in action

2022 The 20th YMCA World Council - Vision 2030 is adopted

Vision 2030 was adopted at YMCA's World Council, in Aarhus, Denmark, in July 2022.

Empowering communities, transforming lives

Vision 2030 empowers communities and young people worldwide to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world. It is a roadmap for every YMCA’s strategic goals around the world, closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover Vision 2030
The Accelerator Summit is being hosted by World YMCA in partnership with YMCA Kenya and the African Alliance of YMCAs.
YMCA is the largest youth membership Movement on the African continent. The vision of the YMCAs in Africa is to empower young people for the African Renaissance.


Early Bird registration opens 31 January 2024
Early Bird registration closes 19 April 2024

Accelerator Summit dates: 21-26 October 2024


Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort Spa and Convention Centre, Mombasa, Kenya


USD 500 per person (Early Bird YMCA rate)
USD 650 (standard YMCA rate)
USD 900 per person (non-YMCA rate)

Accommodation costs:
USD 140 per person per night (single occupancy)
USD 100 per person per night (twin occupancy)

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