Global YMCA leaders, partners to convene in Mombasa for pivotal Summit

Date: 11 April 2024

Information webinar covers highlights, answers questions about YMCA Accelerator Summit in Mombasa 

In a little over six months, global YMCA leaders and partners will gather in Mombasa, Kenya, on 21 October for a unique event within the YMCA World Council’s four-year cycle. 

“This Summit is not just an event’, said World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee, ‘but a strategic moment for our worldwide YMCA Movement and an opportunity to assess and fortify the foundation of YMCA’s global impact, aligned with the collective strategy of YMCA Vision 2030.” 

“The world is changing very quickly”, he said, “and we cannot wait four years to measure our progress.”

Holding the Summit in Mombasa, Kenya, will allow Summit delegates to understand and experience the opportunities and challenges facing a country and a continent where 70 per cent of the population is under 30. 

Jared Musima, the National General Secretary of the host YMCA Kenya, said, “We are ready to welcome you to Kenya and ensure that you are comfortable as our guests and that you have a memorable event.”

The webinar recording is now available.

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The webinar reviewed the Summit agenda, its attendees, logistics and more. Highlights:

Key dates

Along with marking your calendar for the event – 21-25 October – here are two important dates to remember. 

Early Bird registration: Sign up by 19 April to secure your spot at a discounted price.

‘Exemplar’ project submission: The Accelerator Summit will feature film stories presenting YMCA work across all four Pillars of Vision 2030. Along with the films, projects will be featured in stories, workshops and panel discussions. Let us know about your project or programme – big or small – by 25 April. The submission forms are available in English, French and Spanish. Said the Summit content coordinator Mike Bromfield: “We will see and celebrate our amazing Vision 2030 successes so far – story-telling is a big theme of the Summit”. 

Summit purpose and agenda

Kerry Reilly, World YMCA Global Events Coordinator and YMCA Scotland National General Secretary, outlined the Summit’s objectives: to deepen our understanding of collective Vision 2030 work, build skills, and foster a unified language and skill set around our mission. “It’s an opportunity to inspire, exchange ideas, and explore how we’re beginning to realise our aspirations.”

Designed for a broad audience, including YMCA leaders of all ages, YMCA Change Agents, and partners, the Summit aims to foster new collaborations. Highlighting existing partnerships, Kerry mentioned ongoing significant initiatives with Deloitte Australia and Accenture around the Vision 2030 Meaningful Work Pillar, showcasing the YMCA’s community impact.



The agenda promises a rich mix of plenary sessions, workshops, keynotes, panel discussions, and experiential visits. In addition, the event will introduce delegates to the unique concept of ‘Tatu-Tatu’ small learning groups. ‘Tatu’ is the Swahili word for ‘three’.

Practical details

The webinar addressed the logistics of attending the Summit, covering everything from dietary needs and accommodation options to the overall attendee experience. For complete details and FAQs, visit our Accelerator Summit web page. Check out the video below from Carlos Sanvee, which offers three compelling reasons to attend the Summit.