Constitution of the World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations


About our Constitution and By-Laws

The Constitution of the World Alliance of YMCAs was approved by the 22nd YMCA World Conference in 1955, and amended by the 6th YMCA World Council in 1973, the 9th in 1985, the 12th in 1991, the 13th in 1994, the 14th in 1998, the 15th in 2002, the 16th in 2006, the 17th in 2010, the 18th in 2014, the 19th in 2018 and the Extraordinary World Council held on 30 October 2021.

The Constitution sets out the foundations and objectives of the World YMCA, and the rules for its membership and its organisation. It sets guiding principles and rules for the YMCA World Council and the World YMCA Executive Committee, and on the finances and other assets of the World YMCA. Alterations to the Constitution can only be made at a meeting of the World Council.