A National-Global YMCA Dialogue on the WAY Ahead

Date: 14 February 2013

The Journey from Hong Kong to Estes Park. A stop in Dunford House, England

35 National General Secretaries are meeting with Secretary-General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik and his staff this week at Dunford House near London.  The highlights of their program include:

• a discussion of experiences with our 2011 – 2014 Strategic Plan – highlights, challenges and hopes led by Johan Vilhelm

• an opening presentation on empowerment as Christian ministry by the Rev. Dr. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York and President of YMCA England

• a review of the NEW WAY Playbook, our 2013 – 2014 joint workplan, and specific initiatives

• a presentation by Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening Selma Zaidi and Dr. Fred Coalter on the One Million Voices research project

• reflections on the 17th World Council of YMCA’s bold challenge to focus on youth empowerment, increase our global visibility, and take collective action

• an update on the YMCA Change Agents program by Secretary-General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik and Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment Romulo Dantas

• a presentation on plans for the 18th World Council of YMCAs in Estes Park, Colorado

• a conversation on the role of small- and medium-sized YMCAs in our global work

• a presentation on the role of faith-based organizations in a secularized world by a Northern Irish professor, the Rev. Dr. Johnston McMaster.

A significant amount of time has been set aside to look ahead to 2014 – 2018 – the next quadrennial – and to begin charting the course.  National General Secretaries will be reflecting on these two questions:

What does our future look like?  What should be done?

The outcomes of the discussions will be submitted to the Executive committee for further deliberation and direction for the next quadrennial Strategic directions.

We’re interested in your answers too.  Please share them via comment@ymca.int

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” This African proverb reminds us why gatherings like this one are so important.  They are weigh stations on our long journey from Hong Kong to Estes Park and beyond – to a time when the YMCA is realizing its full potential as a global movement.

Our thanks go out to our YMCA England hosts, Ken Montgomery, Peter Jeffrey and Denise Hatton, for welcoming us warmly.  Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from this milestone event.

Carlos Sanvee
Advisor to the Secretary General, Communication and Branding