Read our December 2021 Newsletter

I had the privilege of joining 18 young YMCA ambassadors at COP26 in Glasgow this month. At the event where we launched a film of six great YMCA climate action projects, I said something which just came to me as I stood at the podium: ‘climate justice starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with us’. And that’s a simple and practical truth. Everything about us in the YMCA is about me, about you, and about us.

It’s about individual young people, it’s about the communities they live in, it’s about the wider world.
That triangle – and the age-old YMCA triangle of health in body, mind and spirit – sums up all the fullness of the YMCA.
It runs all the way through our new Vision 2030; and it’s central to our thinking and planning for World Council 2022, for which registration is now open, both ‘in-person’ and ‘on-line’.
Thank you for continuing to journey with us.
Hard times continue for us and for the world. Covid is still with us, and so are many injustices and inequalities.
As the year ends we stand firm: strong, resilient, together.

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General, World YMCA