In all the institutional busy-ness of a global federation, we can sometimes forget the daily situations of the thousands of people who work for YMCA worldwide, and the millions of people they reach.

Our newsletters bring you news of the summits and strategies and programmes and initiatives which frame our work, but they don’t always take you to the heat of the action.

This week, as our  remarkable work to support Ukrainians at home and abroad continues, I’m off to see our colleagues in YMCA Romania in Baia Mare. I’m thinking of many YMCAs worldwide who are under pressure, and especially remembering our friends in  Myanmar  and Sri Lanka. We share what we can on social media, like the strong response to a fire at YMCA Liberia.

These are all stories of hope, like the stories of  Alvin from Hong Kong,  Nana from Ghana),  Marta from Ukraine,  Taylor from Scotland and  Lawrence  from Liberia which we shared with you in Easter week, alongside message of the Easter hope that spring eternal.

At headquarters and in the field, it’s my privilege to be part of this great global good that is the YMCA.

See you very soon at World Council !

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary-General, World YMCA