Thank you to all of you – presenters, partners and above all participants from all over the world – who joined the YMCA Youth Led Solutions Summit on the Future of Work on 7-9 June. I loved following the chat room: ‘I’m enjoying every moment of this summit’ said a young man from Zambia, while a lively commentator from Japan said ‘It’s 3 a.m. here’!  And now the work begins to launch community initiatives worldwide, and make ‘youth-led solutions’ a reality.  Stand by for more information as we prepare to address the topic of mental health in October.

Also stand by for the start of a Movement-wide consultation in July, as we discuss ‘Vision 2030’: our shared vision, mission and goals, and our YMCA roadmap for the decade which has to see the world delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the YMCA movement delivering on its aim to be the world’s partner of choice as a global youth empowerment organisation. Day by day, the world over, we are doing just that – we just have to bring everything to scale. I often repeat: to travel fast, go alone; to travel far, go together.

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary-General, World YMCA

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