young people from YMCA Siderno posing and smiling

Dear friends,

The 23-25 April Global Youth Summit was just the beginning of the magnificent worldwide initiative that is the Global Youth Mobilization. Read about it below, and see how the global YMCA movement stood up to take part with great speakers and over 150 young people in attendance, and how it stood alongside its Big 6 partners, the WHO and the UN. I felt proud: #YouthMobilize.

And next month’s June 7-9 YMCA Youth Led Solutions Summit on The Future of Work is likewise just the beginning, and also the continuation. It will lead to the forming of Solutions Teams worldwide to address youth responses to local employment challenges. ‘Decent work’ is not just a Sustainable Development Goal: it is one of the biggest issues facing young people in a world turned upside down by COVID-19. A world of turmoil, but also of opportunity, especially in the green, the care and the creative economies.

Carlos Sanvee, Secretary-General, World YMCA

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