A Story of Empowerment – Tomas Öberg – Good things happen!

Date: 27 July 2012

Tomas Öberg, 28, now lives in Umeå with his wife and his six-month-old baby, but life was not always this good. Growing up with his mother and father, his twin brother and older sister, Tomas felt that he had support from home. In school he was clever but, didn’t feel that he fit in with other kids.

Tomas turned to friends outside of school, and they all began drinking alcohol and doing drugs at a young age, and Tomas was ultimately convicted for his criminal activities, and sent to jail. After serving his jail sentence, Tomas learned of programs at the YMCA Umeå for young people attempting to re-enter society.

Tomas got involved in a program for unemployed young people, sponsored by Sweden’s Employment Services in co-operation with other organisations and companies.

After graduating from that program and receiving a degree in drug therapy, Tomas works at the YMCA Umeå to help youth get back on track after they have been involved with drugs, alcohol, and other criminal activity. Because of his own experience and education, Tomas is qualified for the position, but furthermore, he is trusted by the youth, with whom he works with because of his own background. He is an example of success that youth can look up t