Anita’s journey with YMCA Kosovo and HP LIFE

Date: 25 March 2024

Inspiring change and empowering young leaders, Anita Avidiu’s journey with YMCA and HP LIFE is a testament to the transformative power of community and technology in shaping futures.

Anita, 17, has been part of the YMCA Prishtina (YMCA Kosovo) for two years. She aspires to study computer science after she finishes high school, and she became a part of the YMCA to develop her skills. The YMCA offers young people many opportunities to develop in different social and professional fields, she says.

Through its community hub, YMCA Prishtina offers HP LIFE courses and more than 40 courses for young people to grow and expand their skills in fields such as communication, innovation, finance, marketing, technological skills and more. Anita said her favourite course was Effective Leadership, as she liked the questions that address everyday life situations.

Said Anita: “Practical, helpful, and interesting. I would recommend HP courses to all my peers”

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