Back in time: A peek into the YMCA archives

Date: 05 June 2023

Join us on a nostalgic journey through time with this small selection of vintage photos from YMCAs all over the world.

We share these images of our past on our 179th birthday, 6 June 2023, and on the day when we challenge YMCA National Movements the world over to share their own images of our present and our future. All are invited to submit photos of themselves in action on this special day. Learn more here.

These fun images offer a glimpse into the vibrant history of the YMCA. From basketball courts to health fairs and community outreach, we sense the YMCA’s impact on so many lives over the decades.

They are only a tiny snapshot of many more to come. World YMCA archivist Claude-Alain Danthe is leading a project to digitise 15,000 historical images and documents and make them available to the global YMCA Movement.