Building an Architecture for Youth Engagement in the UN System

Date: 02 February 2012

YMCA will take part in the discussions about a more meaningful youth engagement in the UN System facilitated by UN-Habitat next March in Nairobi.

With support from the UN Interagency Network on Youth, UN Habitat prepared a report called “Youth 21: Building an Architecture for Youth Engagement in the UN System”

This report explores how youth can be more meaningfully engaged in governance at the global level, specifically within the UN system. The UN has recognized the unique role that youth play in development since its inception. This recognition has come through global observances initiatives such as the International Youth Year (IYY), and through policy declarations such as the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY). Following the completion of the most recent IYY, there was a renewed commitment by the UN expressed in paragraph 26 (GA/RES/65/312) to evaluate the achievements and shortcomings of UN programmes and from this evaluative input, forward recommendations on how to more effectively address youth issues and youth engagement.

This report, building on the opportunity provided by paragraph 26 from the outcome document from High-Level Meeting on Youth in July 2011, has put forward four possible scenarios related to the improved engagement of youth. These scenarios, found in detail in the report, are as follows:

·      Scenario 1: Scale up the UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic
       and Social Affairs) Youth Program to an Institutional Level

·      Scenario 2: Establish a Commission on Youth

·      Scenario 3: Establish a Special Representative of the Secretary General on

·      Scenario 4: Establish a UN Permanent Forum on Youth, inclusive of a Youth
       Platform Assembly, and Special Representative on Youth.


YMCA young leaders from all over the world are invited to support these discussions by participating of the on line consultations for youth which will inspire the discussions of the next meeting. This participation is extremely important. Take part in this UN Discussion

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