Change Agents to be announced in one week

Date: 29 March 2023

We will soon be able to announce the next cohort of Change Agents. Details are being finalized, and a virtual opening is scheduled for 5 April 2023 – stay tuned!

Change Agents programme

The launch of the 5th cohort of Change Agents took place in July 2022 during the 20th World Council in Aarhus, Denmark. Applications were accepted from late December 2022 through 15 March 2023. We received 360 applications from over 60 countries. The World YMCA and the Area Alliances conducted a thorough evaluation and selection process over the past week. 

The result: Change Agents 5.0 has 120 participants from 57 countries. 

Programme purpose 

Change Agents 5.0 will seek to accomplish a number of goals. They include: Uplift young people and emerging leaders across the YMCA Movement to collectively create local solutions to the challenges they are facing; deliver impact on YMCA Vision 2030; and advance social justice and equity for all.

Learning and curriculum

Participants will engage in a 12-month programme that includes 32 weeks of content across seven modules. The programme emphasizes interactive and experiential learning which fosters each participant’s ability to contribute both individually and in teams.  The programme will incorporate content across four main modules: Human-centred design (innovation); Building partnerships; Building movements; and Influencing change. The programme also will incorporate the Co-Labs methodology and the Youth-Led Solutions approach.