CONGRATULATIONS! We are now officially Guinness World Record holders!!

Date: 04 August 2015

CONGRATULATIONS!  We are now officially Guinness World Record holders!!
I am delighted to advise that the Guinness organisation has confirmed that the YMCA now hold the title for The most consecutive football (soccer) penalty kicks in multiple venues.
My thanks for your generous and enthusiastic involvement in helping us achieve this result as part of the YMCA World Challenge 2015.
Now feel free to share this good news with the world!
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A reminder that artwork resources remain available at
Should you be interested in purchasing a certificate from the Guinness organisation they offer these for sale on their website.  Attached you will find a PDF of the certificates with unique codes for the YMCA Record. The following codes can also be used if you would like to order Record Holder Certificates from their store:  Record Holder Codes: ID – 122523965, CODE – lwpf4826LW.
Please note that we do not have the rights to use the Guinness Record logo in any material. The license for this comes at a significant cost and we do not have access to this.
This is a fantastic achievement for the YMCA.   Well done everyone.
Please let me know if you have questions – and please tag us in any references you may post.