Connecting the YMCA Movement

Date: 09 January 2024

Leaders from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Osaka YMCA meet around shared environmental and wellbeing goals

The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong maintains close connections with YMCA organisations around the world to exchange insights and experiences. From 4-7 December 2023, they welcomed Kenichiro Ogawa, the General Secretary of Osaka YMCA. He met with the Chinese YMCA of HK General Secretary and Chief Executive Karl Lau and visited various departments to learn more about their work.

During their visit,  the Chinese YMCA of HK shared their achievements in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  That work includes compiling ESG impact reports, showcasing its efforts and influence in promoting ESG within the social welfare sector in Hong Kong and demonstrating how they collaborate with corporations to implement ESG and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Kenichiro Ogawa also visited many Chinese YMCA of HK’s services, including the Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village Projects; Mindfulness through Sports; YM Motion; Walking Football programme; elderly service; and international youth programmes. Moreover, at the Bridges Street Centre, a designated heritage site, he got a close look at the services of sheltered workshops and dormitories for persons with disabilities as well as the work in nurturing youth leaders and expanding the international and mainland programmes.

“As we jointly strive towards YMCA Vision 2030, we eagerly anticipate further exchanges and collaborations with Osaka YMCA, as well as sharing our experiences with other YMCA organisations in the world”, the Chinese YMCA of HK said.