YMCA Egypt

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 


YMCA Egypt began in 1909, however it was restricted to British and American membership. In 1910, an Arabic-speaking branch was organized. In 1959 the YMCA Egypt began building projects throughout the country including in Mina and Abu Kurkas, Quesna, Port Said, Luxor, Shoubra El Kheima and Tema. By 1976, Associations had formed in 12 other cities and provincial towns along the Nile River. These YMCAs focused on youth work, day care programmes, helping children of working mothers, medical services, inner-city work, vocational training, citizenship education, and physical education. Since 1967, leadership had been entirely in Egyptian hands and women took on leadership roles. As of 2012, YMCA Egypt consists of 18 branches throughout the country, with YMCA Alexandria being the largest.