YMCA Zambia

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 


Zambia YMCA’s history dates back to 1958, during the formation of the Central African Federation. Local associations were established in several cities, including Kitwe, Muffilira, Ndola, Lusaka, and Chingola. Over time, the Kitwe YMCA expanded its reach by utilizing schools, playing fields, and other facilities. The British YMCAs provided valuable assistance in terms of staff and leadership training. Currently, Zambia YMCA has 13 local associations spread across nine provinces. In 1968, the National Council of YMCAs was formed and affiliated with the World Alliance. With a membership of 38,600, the organization has 140 voluntary leaders. Zambia YMCA’s programs focus on poverty alleviation, illiteracy eradication, education, civic education, environment, sports and recreation, Christian camps, agriculture, and HIV/AIDS. Many local associations also operate pre-schools and pre-school colleges.