YMCA Response Hub

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, YMCA local, national and regional organizations are being confronted with a harsh new reality. The challenge that all our communities are facing on a global scale is unprecedented in recent history and calls more than ever for all of us to weather this storm together.


The YMCA has gone through wars, pandemics and several crisis throughout our 175 years history and we will most surely pass the current one as well, with resilience and determination.

Stories from the field

To support YMCA’s worldwide at all levels we have launched the COVID-19 YMCA Response Hub where you will find out the latest updates from the World YMCA and from throughout the Movement, concrete actions that you can take now to improve our collective response.

What people are saying

"Here in the US we need to realize we are still at the beginning of this crisis and need to ensure that we are flexible and adaptable as the trajectory and circumstances of the crisis develops."
YMCA of Greater Houston

"Thank you World YMCA for this helpful initiative."
YMCA Munich

"Unity and fortitude is important as communities come together. The continuation of dialogue and communication is vital to support the needs of all service users until this unprecedented test of our times is overcome."
YMCA Ireland

"Youth is very much online already and this is our chance to learn and create new ways to be accessible and approachable in environments that are very comfortable for youth. Even though the situation is serious, it is still an opportunity for innovation as well."
YMCA Helsinki