Empowering young people in California!

Date: 11 February 2014

The YMCA of Greater Long Beach Youth Institute established in 2001, runs an out-of-school program for high school students at the California State University in Long Beach (USA). They offer an intensive summer technology program and the year-round academic support program. They try to reach particularly the disadvantaged group of low-income urban high school youth.

Julie O’Donnell and Sandra L. Kirkner did a study on the effects of the YMCA out-of-school program on the high school students. The study shows that the program was successful and had a positive influence on the grades, scores and school attendance of the students when compared to a randomly selected comparison group that did not attend the YMCA program.

These results were just recently published in an article titled “Effects of an out-of-school program on urban high school youth’s academic performance” in the Journal of Community Psychology (Vol. 42, No. 2, 2014).

If you want to have a detailed look on the results, how the YMCA empowers young people, click here to read the full article

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