FIBA and YMCA to promote 3X3 basketball

Date: 23 July 2012

The worldwide partners YMCA and FIBA are working together to spread the 3X3 basketball.

With over 250 million players worldwide and ranked among the most played recreational sports on the planet, 3×3 basketball is increasingly becoming a key motor for the development of basketball.

One of the biggest strengths of 3×3 is its simplicity both in terms of rules and in terms of required facilities, allowing it to be held in the most spectacular settings, using iconic landmarks as backdrops.

In July 2012 the 3X3 Basketball world tour visited São Paulo, Brazil and the local YMCA organized a pre competition among its members. 58 athletes participated. The winner team had the chance to play on the world tour.

YMCA and FIBA will continue to work together to spread the same initiative for other countries.

A YMCA invention, basketball continues to be an educational tool, especially for empowering young people. In 2012, FIBA and YMCA also partnered for promoting the YMCA World Challenge, which will take place in October 13 th .

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