Haiti Tech Summit 2019

Date: 27 June 2019

From 20-22 June 2019, the Haiti Tech Summit welcomed participants and global speakers to address humanity’s greatest challenges in technology and entrepreneurship.

World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Madjri Sanvee and Director of Partnerships and Collaboration DJ Forza attended the event. “We at YMCA work to create safe spaces, mobilising young people to transcend their barriers,” said Sanvee during his keynote speech.

He stressed the high potential of all young women and men regardless of where they come from, or what their socio-economic background is. “Our call is on behalf of the millions of young people not being reached by technology opportunities,” Sanvee said. “Technology is the future, and young people should have access to it.”

Each year, the Haiti Tech Summit brings innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers together. The goal of the summit is to build Haiti into the “Tech Hub of the Caribbean” by 2030 and it’s a chance for locals and internationals to brainstorm, exchange and come up with common projects. Founded by Christine Souffrant Ntim, this event is mainly led by people under 30 years of age. “This team is very inspiring for us,” said Sanvee. “They clearly demonstrate that young people, when they have the motivation and the opportunities, can influence their country and beyond.”

Christine Souffrant Ntim is an award-winning Haitian-American keynote speaker, social entrepreneur and start-up ecosystem expert for emerging markets. She was selected and featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. She is the Director of Startup Grind Dubai Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and a partner at the GlobalStartupEcosystem.com which hosts the largest digital online accelerator programme in the world, graduating over 1,000 companies across more than 190 countries a year in Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Europe.

See Christine at YMCA175 on 4-8 August in London where she will be delivering a keynote message on making globilisation available to all.

The next edition of the Haiti Tech Summit will be held 18-20 June 2020. Find out more about the Haiti Tech Summit.