International Women’s Day

Date: 08 March 2012

Today , March 8th , we celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day — a day dedicated to reflect on women and value the vital role women play around the world in strengthening communities and in advancing agendas for the greater good of mankind.

As we look around the world of the YMCA we see shining examples of leadership and vision being shown by women in all regions. We see women advancing political agendas and supporting efforts to ensure social justice and equity .

Time and again we bear witness that investments in women’s education, health, and wellbeing have direct benefits to the good of the whole and that families and children are made stronger by strong women.

Through the YMCA around the world, women are leaders and serve their communities as business leaders, technology professionals, , teachers and educators, childcare workers, coaches, doctors and caregivers, psychologists and counselors, program managers, CEOs, and other careers. In Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and North America young women in the YMCA are leaders as volunteers and staff in programs in HIV prevention, healthy lifestyles, tutoring and counseling, peer education for reproductive health, business skills development and education, among other areas. Women work in strong partnership with men for social justice and improved conditions in local communities. Women are a powerful force for change and advancement in the YMCA.

We also are reminded of the grim conditions of many women around the world who are disadvantaged, suffer domestic violence, and are victims of power and abuse and human trafficking. We call for increased awareness and action to prevent these actions and urge men and women to work in solidarity for positive conditions and opportunities and call for support for equity and justice for all people.

On behalf of the worldwide YMCA family, we recognize and honor women and call for equal access and a pathway to decent work for women. We call for inclusion of women at all levels, participation and upholding women’s rights, raising communities awareness and uniting to create equal opportunities.

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