Introducing the redesigned World YMCA website

Date: 18 September 2023

Welcome to our redesigned World YMCA website, which incorporates several new features, including:

  1. Refreshed design with a mobile-friendly interface

The website features an updated, clean, fresh layout, designed to adapt to desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  1. Resource Hub

Though in its early stages, the Hub will serve as a one-stop resource for reports, surveys and more.

  1. French, Spanish Translation

Auto-translation for French and Spanish is now available.

  1. Showcasing our Movement

The redesigned World YMCA website features an expanded collection of photos, highlighting our Movement today and exploring our past (see our History page for a collection of photos from the archives).

  1. YMCA Vision 2030

Since the adoption of YMCA Vision 2030 in July 2022, more than 75 YMCAs are aligning with and implementing it. Our goal is to showcase the work of our Movement, provide quick access to the latest news and reports, and inspire stakeholders, volunteers, and partners to be a part of our collective strategy.

The website was designed with Newcastle, UK-based marketing and design agency Canny Creative, which has published a case study on the project.

Just as Vision 2030 will continue to evolve, our website will mirror this evolution by continuously adapting and improving. We’d love to hear your comments or suggestions on the site: please submit them through this form.