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In May 2022, World YMCA and HP Foundation launched a partnership to accelerate digital equity of young people and marginalised communities around the world. At the outset, seven YMCAs are integrating HP LIFE courses into their programs in order to build digital literacy and empower young people in their communities to participate actively in an increasingly digitised world. The initial YMCAs taking part are the National Council of YMCAs India, YMCA East Jerusalem, YMCA Kosovo, YMCA Scotland, YMCA Liberia, YMCA Ethiopia, and YMCA of Greater Long Beach.

YMCA and the HP Foundation aim to use the partnership to enhance young people’s learning, support their wellbeing, increase their employability and resilience, and empower them to be leaders and changemakers in their communities and the world.




“YMCA will be a valuable partner for HP, given the diversity the global Movement offers and the YMCA’s unique ability to reach underserved communities worldwide. The flexibility and adaptability of the HP LIFE courses will play a significant role in helping the YMCA bridge the digital equity gap”, said Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General, World YMCA.

This partnership comes as a critical time, when digital technologies have rapidly begun to impact almost every area of modern life and business.

HP LIFE is a free, skills-training program for entrepreneurs, business owners, and lifelong learners all over the world.