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New for 2023!

As part of a new partnership with HP Inc. last year, seven YMCAs offered digital access and training to young people and underserved communities. The HP LIFE digital skills training courses reached more than 1,300 learners, mainly between the ages of 15-26. HP LIFE is a program of the HP Foundation.

Building on that success, this year YMCAs worldwide and HP are expanding the initiative to reach more people and further close the digital divide.

“Digital equity and digital inclusion are so important to ensure young people are among those making a change in the world”, said World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee, noting the YMCA commitment to Meaningful Work through YMCA Vision 2030. “Our research, and research from other organisations around the future of work, show if you lack digital competency, you’ll be out of the equation. We are grateful to have this opportunity through HP”.

“We all know that young people are our future, and everyone deserves access to build the skills they need to succeed,” said James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP. “HP has set an ambitious goal to help accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030. By continuing our global collaboration with YMCA, we can reach young people in the communities where they live today, giving them access to practical business and IT skills that can help them thrive.”

The cornerstone of the work in 2022 was the integration of HP LIFE skills-training courses into ongoing YMCA programming. The courses, which are available in eight languages, cover topics such as starting a small business and understanding 3D printing. This year, the HP LIFE courses continue in four YMCAs, and the project expands in scope to include tech centres, volunteerism and community acceleration.

The YMCAs involved this year are:


Continuing the programmes they launched last year, YMCAs in East Jerusalem, Scotland, Ethiopia, and Liberia again offer HP LIFE courses.

Tech Centres and Volunteerism 

Group of young people at table with laptops.

The digital centre in Moldova

Three YMCAs were selected to offer tech centres. YMCAs in Long Beach, USA and the National Council of YMCAs in India participated last year and will expand their outreach. Joining them is the YMCA of Greater Houston, USA. They will also offer HP LIFE courses as part of their programming and explore employee volunteering opportunities with the local HP offices.

Community acceleration

HP and the YMCA have already accomplished significant work in this area. For example, the Educational Digital Centre in the Republic of Moldova is a significant project, valued at €5.5 million.

With the support of HP and the team of YMCA Moldova, the digital centres are expected to benefit more than 300,000 people, including young people. More than 5,300 new devices will be available, and the teams have already distributed 2,100.

The initiative also includes countries in the Western Balkans. The YMCA Kosovo, which participated in HP LIFE courses last year, returns. YMCA Albania will have two digital hubs and aims to reach young people through local schools. YMCA Serbia will have a digital hub available daily for young people, and the YMCA in Macedonia seeks to build a long-term community programme.

Look for regular updates and stories on the impact these YMCAs are making in their communities.