Meet the YMCA delegates for COP28

Date: 01 November 2023

A group of 16 delegates from around the world are ready to head to COP28 in Dubai – and represent youth voices on environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The Conference of the Parties, or COP, is the annual United Nations climate change summit. It’s the 28th meeting – so COP28 – and it’s held 30 November – 12 December this year in Expo City, Dubai. It attracts thousands of participants, including official delegates from governments, intergovernmental organisations, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society.

COP28 aims to accelerate the transition to clean energy, support the most vulnerable communities and mobilise for inclusive action.

COP veteran Shakil Karim, USA, serves as the head delegate.

“We’re excited to bring one of the largest youth delegations to the conference this year and take the lead in championing youth-led solutions for a Sustainable Planet”, said Shakil, who will be attending his third COP.

Along with Shakil, the team includes 15 YMCA delegates from six continents.

  • Mair Kelly, YMCA Ireland
  • Tudor Rus, YMCA Romania
  • Ylli Alija, YMCA Kosovo
  • Amy Wolf, YMCA USA
  • Killian Abellon, YMCA Canada
  • Marion Bonnet, YMCA Canada
  • Sofia Canessa, YMCA Uruguay
  • Marie Jeanne Ndew Diouf, YMCA Senegal
  • Dibora Tameru, YMCA Ethiopia
  • Yura Rhee, South Korea/Asia Pacific Alliance
  • Xinyan (Freda) Liu – YMCA China
  • Ziena Rafidi, East Jerusalem YMCA
  • Sebastian Gomez Recio, YMCA Colombia
  • Lester Dellosa, YMCA Philippines
  • Krystal Leung, YMCA of Hong Kong