Patricia Pelton, member of the WAY Executive Committee, awarded prestigious medal!

Date: 07 November 2012

The World Alliance of YMCAs is very pleased to share with you that our friend Patricia Pelton, Calgary, Canada, has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth the II Diamond Jubilee medal.

This prestigious medal is being presented to Canadian YMCA volunteers and staff who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the YMCA in addition to other community work.  Patricia has had a big impact on the Canadian YMCA locally in Calgary, nationally, and, from our perspective, now globally.

She has been recognized in particular for her ability to bring” strategic thinking and problem-solving skills coupled with a compassionate outlook; a commitment to fully engage a group of people in a common endeavour; and a light touch epitomized by her humour and unassuming approach.

As a result of her efforts people feel valued, committee and board mandates are achieved, and YMCA and community goals are furthered. In all her leadership roles, Patricia focuses on ensuring that YMCA strategic directions and organizational resources foster long-term sustainability so that communities everywhere can continue to depend on the YMCA as a place of opportunity and civic engagement. Across Canada and now around the world, Patricia Pelton is recognized for her belief in the power of the YMCA to make a difference and her dedication to using this power wisely and well. Patricia exemplifies the spirit of sustained volunteer service that lifts up a community and a country.”