Resilient Leaders Series Playbook

Date: 26 September 2020

At the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, one of World YMCA’s first initiatives was to source the wisdom of many global leaders as to how to handle a new crisis. We brought together over 120 leaders, and 1000 people to hear them.

Resilient Leaders Series Playbook – English (published as of August 17)
Resilient Leaders Series Playbook – Japanese (published as of Sept. 26) 

The Playbook captures the learnings from our Resilient Leaders series, held in April and May 2020. As the world and our YMCAs were being forced to adapt to the outcomes of COVID-19 and as many struggled and closed their doors in response to the pandemic, we developed the Resilient Leaders series and heard from experts on overcoming adversity, mental health, planning for recovery, governance, civic engagement, risk mitigation, innovation, transformation through technology and more.

The Resilient Leaders Series attracted over 1,000 attendees from all over the world virtually on Zoom.

We were privileged to hear from leaders in their fields, to inspire us at a critical time including Amina Mohammed UN Deputy Secretary-General; Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization; James Chau, Host of The China Current & World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador; and Mike Federle, CEO Forbes. Speakers shared practical tools and concrete action steps to help YMCA lead through change and into the emerging future.

The aim of this Playbook is to:

  • Constitute a collective reference point of the key learnings and insights from the Leaders Talks;
  • Provide guidance to YMCA leaders in pursuing their ‘resilience’ journey;
  • Provide reflections on how leaders can steer their movements and make them change-makers in their communities in time of crisis;
  • Provide a common learning space for all in navigating the crisis and becoming proactive in case of a second pandemic wave, a remission or any other global crisis.

This series is also part of a larger strategic design, with learnings captured leading into our global future strategy.

Please share with your Associations and local YMCAs, to further inspire and motivate them through this time, and to utilise the learnings captured for your own business strategies.


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