World YMCA stands in solidarity with Australia

Date: 02 January 2020

We stand in prayers and solidarity with our Australian friends. Australia is being ravaged by devastating and deadly wildfires. Thanks to YMCA Australia CEO Melinda Crole and her team, they have been monitoring the situation over the country. She shares: “We have evacuated all people where required. So far our YMCA has not suffered any losses but we are continually reaching out to our YMCA New South Wales family who’s properties are most at risk”.
The land dryness, extreme heat and strong winds keep contributing bushfires to start and spread. Melinda Crole says “Greta Thunberg said in February 2019 “our home is on fire” and in Australia it literally is. There is a big call for the Australian government to wake up to the reality of climate change”.
Let’s keep our friends and all inhabitants in our thoughts in these difficult moments.
Photo © Glen Morey via Reuters News Agency